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ORATS is a premier options analytics vendor committed to uncovering untapped, alpha-generating solutions. We use an advanced, proprietary volatility analysis to produce implied, forecast, and historical volatilities that have been proven to be more accurate market summarizations than those obtained from most commonly available sources.

Our philosophy

We approach data and trading the way traders do. We temper theory with market reality and insist on methods that have proven success in the marketplace. That is why top options traders and industry-leading front-end vendors alike trust in our data and products. We want all of our clients to produce exceptional results.

We care about our clients

Excellent customer service is not just a selling point. It’s something we deeply believe in. We know what it’s like to be on the other end of the screen. We always strive to be highly responsive to customer requests, treating your business needs as if they were our own.

Progress is always the goal

Our company was born out of the trading floor, with a simple idea. Reliable options trading data can build you a successful trading strategy. We’ve spent the last decade shaping and refining what that truly looks like. Our products will continue to grow and refine their sophistication as markets expand and deepen.

Education is our priority

We know that markets will always experience volatility and want to help our clients mitigate their risks as much as possible. We're passionate about equity options information and strive to educate all who are interested, so they can make the best trading decisions possible.

Our Team

Our team is made of professional traders, data jockeys, and customer service gurus.

The goal has always been to deliver an exceptional array of options trading products to serve our clients and we go to work every day to perfect that goal.



ORATS was born out of a need by traders to get access to more accurate and realistic option research. Matt started ORATS to support his options trading firm. He had the foresight to hire and train statistically minded individuals, put them on the floor, and develop research to aid in trading options. He is heavily involved with product design and quantitative research. Matt has a Master’s degree from Kellogg School of Business.


Jon Kong is a Sr. Software Engineer who has experience trading, and previous to ORATS, has held programming positions at elite companies such as The Options Clearing Corporation and Sogeti, a subsidiary of Capgemini. He has been with ORATS for years and is now the software lead architect. Jon has a Master’s degree with honors in Software Engineering from DePaul University Chicago.


Jonathan is the web development and infrastructure lead at ORATS. His twenty-plus years of experience building scaleable systems for some of the largest global Fortune 500 companies and his full-stack development expertise continue to play a key role in delivering innovative solutions to our customers.


Wendy's experience at Stein Roe Mutual Funds in Chicago prepared her well for the very intensive methods of analyzing dividends for ORATS. Option traders not only need extremely accurate current dividends but also dividend estimates going out years. Wendy provides in-depth analysis of equity dividend information with a focus on how this information relates to the options market.


Founder & Principal


Sr. Software Engineer


Sr. Software Engineer


Dividend Analyst

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