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Data API

Access all the industry standard options data and a plethora of proprietary data, including forecasts, implied volatility summaries, and historical volatility readings. With our robust RESTful API, extensive documentation, and free-to-use API explorer, you can get started in minutes.

Industry Leading Data

Unparalleled Data Quality

Every day since 2007, we’ve taken a snapshot 14 minutes before the close of all bid asks of all standard options and accompanying stock prices. We process all this data through our Smoothed Market Values (SMV) system, producing the best greeks and theoretical values.

Hundreds of Proprietary Indicators

With over 15 categories of data, we calculate component weighted averages, forward and flat volatilities, contango, constant maturity implied volatilities, and much more.

Organized Around REST

Our API is designed to have predictable, resource-oriented URLs and to use HTTP response codes to indicate API success and errors. We process hundreds of thousands of requests per day, and offer a flexible pricing structure so you only pay for what you need.

ORATS Data API Example Code

Development Resources

Robust Documentation

Example requests, indicator definitions, and summarized research are all included in the Data API Documentation. We’ve been building our API and documentation for over a decade, so we’re confident it will have all the information you’ll need (and more)!

Free API Explorer

You don’t need to sign up for an account token to explore our Data API. We’ve provided a free-to-use, limited access platform so you can “try before you buy.” We’re here to help you get the data you need.

ORATS Data API Documentation

Wheel Web Platform

An all-in-one package for backtesting, scanning, trading, and risk. Harness the power of our deep data set in an online toolkit designed to help you research, implement, and assess your options strategies.

Featured Backtests

Get a head start on backtesting with several of our robust strategies curated by the professionals at ORATS.

Trigger Engine

Backtest the best entry and exit triggers for your strategy with hundreds of our proprietary indicators.

Paper Trading

Experience an all-in-one paper trading toolkit, with seamless execution and powerful risk management.

Overview Graphs

Watch the market in new ways with custom graphs, populated with data from our deep library.

Options Scanner

Gain an advanced perspective on the market with our live SMV calculations, forecasts, and sortable tables.

Walkthrough Videos

Learn how to use Wheel with step-by-step instructional videos from our team members.

Custom Backtests

Test your own ideas using our state-of-the-art backtesting engine with daily options data back to 2007.

Seamless Integration

We built Wheel from the ground up so that every backtest, scan, and trade is intelligently woven together.

Wheel Web Platform Welcome Page

Historical Quotes

Live minute-by-minute to nightly updates of the best quotes in the industry. Our intensive SMV process creates a robust volatility surface that reveals accurate implied volatilities, greeks, and theoretical values. Explore and download samples below.

Near End-of-day

Since 2007

A complete snapshot of the US equity options market 14-minutes before the close of trading each day.

1 Minute Intraday

Since August 2020

Full SMV greeks, theoretical values, and IVs for every minute during the trading day of all US equity options.

2 Minute Snapshot

Since 2015

Raw options market information snapped with underlying prices every two minutes during the day.

Other Products

Explore our dividend forecasts, earnings reports, and more APIs including our live data API and snapshot API. If we don't offer exactly what you need, contact us and we'll be happy to offer consulting services.

Dividend Forecasts

We've developed a 4-step proprietary process to estimate stock dividend dates and amounts over the next 2.67 years:

Intraday Updates... from the leading dividend provider Wall Street Horizon.

Historical Volatility... powered by 14 years of options data.

Seasonal Effects... analyzed by our in-house dividend consultant.

Implied Dividends... computed using hundreds of proprietary indicators.

Explore Dividends

Earnings Reports

Daily emailed reports of a rigorous assessment of stock price moves after earnings releases.

Implied Earnings Moves... based on adjusted options straddles.

Earnings Moves Results... to compare the actual stock price move.

Earnings Season Reports... broken out by each of the six weeks.

Unusual Volume Report... the top stocks in terms of options volume.

Explore Earnings

More APIs

From custom-built, specialty APIs to live data support with Tradier, this is the bleeding edge of options technology.

Live Data API: See ORATS SMV values live with an account with Tradier Brokerage.

Snapshot API: Retrieve a 1 minute snapshot of the whole market.

Backtest API: Test options strategies going back to 2007.

Scanner API: Scan the market for the best options trade.

Explore More APIs