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The ORATS Wheel product suite offers end-to-end options strategy development, from backtesting to implementation. With the Wheel, you can create and maintain a Systematic Rules Based options strategy with returns in line with your investment objectives.

Features of ORATS Wheel

Backtest, scan, execute and exit options with the best data available.

Easy Backtesting

With our intuitive backtest form, you can easily set up a backtest in seconds.

Powerful Reporting

See all the standard statistical financial figures, a graph of the options strategy returns with the underlying stock, monthly returns and the trades for the strategy. You can edit the backtest parameters and download the statistics and trades.

Advanced Backtest Parameters

Exits rules that use delta, out-of-the-money percentages, profit percentage or days left in the trade. Indicate your special reentry rule for exit triggers. Utilize delta hedging with flexible hedging dates or delta tolerances. Portfolio weighting to backtest a group of stocks together.

10 Years of Deep Clean Data

Perhaps the most important and least appreciated part of backtesting is the underlying options data. ORATS utilizes our decades of experience as successful options traders to apply sophisticated quote cleaning, smoothing algorithms and calculations of greeks and theoretical values to aid the ORATS tools and data. Indexes like SPX and VIX and weekly expirations are included.


The ability to test strategies in various technical environments is incredibly important to successful options trading. You have the ability to input entry and exit dates.

Scanner, Executions and Exiting Integrations

After you set up your backtest, you can use the same inputs to scan in real-time. After reviewing the current market in the TradeFinder Scanner, send options to the Execution Monitor for delivering to brokers. You can track filled (or paper traded) options to the Exit Monitor to track profit and exit alerts.


What makes ORATS data stand out?

  • Superior Data - Founded on the floor of the CBOE over a decade ago, ORATS delivers proven historical volatilities, dividends and earnings modeling techniques.
  • Proprietary Calculations - Give yourself an edge with unique implied volatility summarizations, ex-earnings calculations and forecasts.
  • Backtesting - Our convenient tool to identify profitable strategies and to prove out ORATS alpha.
  • Service - We are here to help. Contact us now!

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