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ORATS provides volatility research and options data to traders around the world. Why have we been recognized as the industry leader since 2002? The secret goes beyond the quality of our research. It lies in our decades of experience as successful options traders.

We approach data and trading the way traders do. We temper theory with market reality. We insist on methods that have been proven quantitatively as well as through success in the marketplace. That's why top options traders and industry-leading options front-end vendors alike choose to trust in ORATS. We produce exceptional results. Read More....


"Dynamically updated, intraday, accurate, and searchable implied volatilities are a very rare commodity in the options industry. ORATS first supplied this functionality to our firm in 2003 and other vendors have yet to catch up. Their technology is a fundamental component for our event-trading options strategy and without ORATS we would have had to build the database and engine ourselves, an expensive and complicated proposition. ORATS is a full-service company that has few peers in the options data business."

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Dan Brady, Entropy Capital LLC


ORATS offers a number of quality data file products to traders delivered through our tools and our integration partners. Our core data files are of volatility, earnings and dividends. Our tools are a Dashboard product helping you visualize historic volatility information and a Scanner to find opportunities based on our research.

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Accurate, reliable, robust, actionable trading data that builds in and supports the practical techniques known only to the most experienced traders in the options industry is what ORATS is about. Take a closer look at the noteworthy proprietary quantitative techniques that ORATS has developed for analyzing volatility, earnings and dividends. Read More...

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