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Data you can trust. And lots of it. Join some of the best traders in the business in trusting ORATS as their partner of choice for mission-critical options data research backed by exemplary support.


Options data gives you the ingredients for a successful trading strategy.

Data experts are like chefs; they don’t want things already processed. They want to look at the ingredients at the source and create their own recipes. Unvarnished data will tell you without any analysis how the markets are operating. You can use that raw data to cook up the perfect strategy. And if you want some pointers, we’re here to help. You’re the chef in this kitchen.

Data Products

Data API

Gain access to proprietary data, including forecasts, implied summarizations, and historical volatility readings.
All of these have been shown in backtesting to be important predictors of top performing trading strategies. With an accurate smoothed parameterized curve, you can compare options over time and across different symbols, and have the parameters forecasted to produce theoretical values that can be compared to actual market options. You can also see a variety of derived implied volatility computations like the volatility of volatility (meta, we know), IV surface parameters in relation to related ETFs, and ex-earnings volatility readings.

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Get a more comprehensive and sophisticated view of the dividends data you need. With a multi-factored approach, we combine the perspectives of implied dividends and historical trends to give you a superior forecast.

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Get ahead of the market with implied earnings data. Use historic earnings and implied volatility to navigate the earnings cycle by presenting data from multiple, distinct vantage points and develop your options trading strategy.

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How It Works

Try before you buy

You want data you can trust. We all do. But, let’s face it — not all data is useful. That’s why we'll give you access to data for free. Contact us for sample data, and after a few quick signatures, we will get you an example of the kind of data we curate.

Customize your data

Not everyone is going to need the same data. That’s why we’ll work with you to get the data you need — as much or as little as you’d like. Our API is designed to have predictable, resource-oriented URLs and to use HTTP response codes to indicate API success and errors. You can use our API to access the options data you want when you need it.

You pick our involvement

Just want some data? That’s fine. Looking for some tools for analyzing data? Yes, we’ve got that too. Our tools speak to and inform one another, but not everyone wants the whole package. We get it. If things change, we’re here for you when you need us.



We offer an array of data product options.

Whether you’re looking for volatility, earnings, or both, and whether you're using just a little or masses of data, we have a pricing structure for you.


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