More APIs
State-of-the-art tools used internally by the developers at ORATS.
Exclusive APIs
For traders who want the most out of ORATS.
Live Data API
See ORATS SMV values live with an account with Tradier Brokerage.
Get real-time strikes, monies, and SMV summaries.
All are updated within seconds of options market updates.
Requires a Tradier Brokerage active trading account.
Snapshot API
Retrieve a 1 minute snapshot of the whole market.
Get real-time strikes, monies, and SMV summaries data for 4500+ optionable symbols.
15 minute delayed snapshots available for non-Tradier customers.
Real-time snapshots available for Tradier Brokerage account holders.
Backtest API
Test options strategies going back to 2007.
Use entry parameters to specify dates, days to expiration, deltas, etc.
Use exit parameters to specify stop losses, profit targets, deltas, etc.
Customize advanced settings such as hedging, adjustments, indicators, and more.
Get a sophisticated report with both stock and strategy returns.
Scanner API
Scan the market for the best options trade.
Works alongside the backtest API to get option trade results.
Real-time or delayed results available.
Uses the entry/exit parameters of a backtest to scan for available trades.
Uses backtest indicators to filter through available trades.
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