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ORATS offers a family of graphical tools to allow users to apply the value of ORATS research and the power of ORATS data directly to their everyday trading. These tools bring you the best of the best in options trading technology, backed by our unrivaled methodology and proven success. Our Option Trade Tools are designed to bring efficiency to your investing activities, helping you to fastrack the learning curve and streamline your time commitment. Our two primary tools are the Volatility Dashboard and The Implementor. The combined power of these two tools provides you with an unmatched advantage for options investing success. Try them both today with our free 30 Day Trial.

Volatility Dashboard

The ORATS Volatility Dashboard displays visualizations that unleash the full power of our volatility and earnings data. Within this application, users can:

The Implementor

The Implementor was designed from the ground up to be the most powerful yet simple to use options backtesting platform available. Packed with features in an intuitive layout make getting started a breeze. We have pre calculated backtests for many popular strategies in the US equities market. We back test many different maturities with many strike ranges and exit strategies. You can sort to find which strategy worked best under varying market conditions. Our TOES approach introduces a new dimension in profitable strategy discovery.

TOES stands for Tested Option Environment Strategies and shows backtest performance at specified market conditions. For example, TOES answers the question "how well did this strategy do historically when the market price level was HIGH and the market implied volatility level was LOW ?" In single underlyer backtests, we have calculated the TOES environment for every trading day of the test. When an optimal strategy is selected, options meeting the back test criteria are displayed. You can also save the options meeting the strategy filters and in the Positions tab, calculate the profit and exit status.

We encourage you to watch some brief videos of the Implementor in action. You'll be up and running in no time.

Thank you for your interest in our software and please remember feedback is always appreciated.

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